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Wichita Falls, TX

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KALCO’s Custom Manufacturing Services Transform Metals into Tomorrow’s Innovations

KALCO Machine & Manufacturing proudly works across diverse industries to create custom solutions for tomorrow’s innovations using the latest technology and advancements. As an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9001D-certified manufacturer, KALCO maintains a strict Quality Management System that ensures absolute quality, precision, and customer satisfaction.

machine shop overview

Advanced CNC Machining

KALCO’s expensive facility houses the latest in CNC machining technology to expertly cut complex designs into a range of metals and alloys. Whether it’s taking a block of steel and turning it into an AS9001D-compliant wheel for the aerospace industry or cutting ASME-certified parts for the oil and gas sector, KALCO Machine & Manufacturing has the capabilities, expertise, and dedication to make it a reality.


Precision fabrication is vital across industries, and KALCO Machine & Manufacturing takes great pride in its fabrication capabilities. Its comprehensive fabrication shop and ASME-certified welding services continually surpass customer expectations while meeting the industry’s specific requirements.

person welding in a warehouse
hydro testing cell


From pipe assembly to full skid assemblies, KALCO’s team of experienced employees provides high-quality assembly services across a range of applications, including part and sub-assembly options for simple or mechanical components. Assembly is offered as a standalone service or part of the complete manufacturing process.


Using sandblasting abrasive media and air-assisted painting equipment, KALCO Machine & Manufacturing provides premium finished parts and components that meet branding requirements and safety standards. Also available as a standalone, KALCO’s finishing services help protect against damaging conditions and improve longevity.


Quality Tested

Quality is always the top priority at KALCO Machine & Manufacturing. KALCO offers inspection and paint reports verifying that all steps of the manufacturing process conform to their specifications and expectations while meeting strict industry requirements. KALCO’s dedication to customer satisfaction has earned it a reputation as a leading metals manufacturer. Its dedicated team continually strives to improve its services and exceed expectations.

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