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Wichita Falls, TX

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Comprehensive Manufacturing Solutions

KALCO Machine & Manufacturing is based in Wichita Falls, Texas. KALCO’s more than 130,000-square-foot manufacturing and warehouse facilities house some of the industry’s cutting-edge robotic and CNC technology, allowing its experts to produce quality products with KALCO’s custom fabrication and machine services. From the design stage to the final products, KALCO has the experience and capabilities to ensure its clients receive dedicated customer service from start to finish.

Over 25 years ago, KALCO began as a small company with big dreams. The three-man team used manual machining while ensuring absolute quality. This hands-on experience and dedication to excellence led to success, allowing KALCO to expand both its facilities and its services. Today, KALCO Machine & Manufacturing offers state-of-the-art CNC machining and full-service production.

KALCO is proud to offer manufacturing and precision machining services. Every step of the manufacturing process at KALCO undergoes strict quality control procedures. KALCO works with each client to meet the needs in terms of cost-effectiveness, speed of delivery, and capacity requirements.


Using the latest in CNC machining technology, KALCO provides rapid precision solutions customized to each client’s unique needs and industry requirements.


KALCO proudly maintains a comprehensive fabrication shop capable of producing precision parts that meet industry standards and exceed client expectations.


From strong rivets to complex mechanical components, KALCO has the capability of providing assembly services for a range of applications and needs.


KALCO’s finishing services protect valuable parts from the harsh conditions and corrosive environments common across all industries.

Quality is the backbone of everything KALCO Machine & Manufacturing stands for. KALCO has dedicated itself to providing superior quality across diverse industries.

offshore oil rig platform on the sea

Oil & Gas

KALCO’s reliable and durable solutions for the critical applications within the oil and gas industry have consistently exceeded expectations, making them a Trusted Partner for quality components.

Custom Fabrication and Machine


Every aspect of manufacturing for the aerospace sector must meet strict industry standards and KALCO’s AS9100D-certified facility uses advanced technology and innovations to meet these standards and surpass expectations.

Custom Fabrication and Machine

Mining & Construction

KALCO’s comprehensive manufacturing solutions withstand the demanding applications and harsh environments found within the mining and construction industries.

Custom Fabrication and Machine


KALCO’s custom solutions are as diverse as the industrial sector, providing high-quality results tailored to each client’s individual needs.

bottle manufacturing automated assembly line

Bottle Manufacturing

Providing graphite inserts throughout the food and beverage industry, expertly crafted by dedicated professionals to ensure quality and timely delivery.

Moving Towards a Better Future

Since 1998, KALCO has consistently worked towards improving services, increasing capacity without sacrificing quality, satisfaction, or timeliness. KALCO has enjoyed working with each client to propel their business forward through first-class customer service and innovative solutions. Exciting developments happen constantly in the manufacturing industry, and KALCO is committed to staying at the forefront of these advancements.

Automation and Robotics

KALCO Machine & Manufacturing is currently expanding their robotic technology to its already extensive capabilities. This will allow KALCO to further enhance customer satisfaction, reduce overall production costs, and improve the speed of delivery.

KALCO Machine & Manufacturing is a Certified Precision Machine Shop.

KALCO Machine & Manufacturing proudly maintains some of the industry’s most important certifications.

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