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Wichita Falls, TX

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Mining and Construction Manufacturing

KALCO’s Mining and Construction Manufacturing

KALCO Machine & Manufacturing’s expansive capabilities produce high-quality parts and components able to withstand the mining and construction industry’s rugged conditions, extreme environments, and corrosive atmospheres. 

A Trusted and Certified Manufacturer

KALCO Machine & Manufacturing wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for its absolute dedication to providing the highest level of customer service. With over 25 years of experience in high-quality precision machining and custom fabrication, KALCO has proudly built long-lasting relationships with its customers by meeting the strict quality standards of the ISO 9001:2015 and ASME certifications. KALCO strives to surpass customer expectations on budget and on schedule. 

Large Capacity Facility for Large Industry Needs

KALCO’s expansive 130,000-square-foot facility houses some of the industry’s leading robotic and CNC technology with large-capacity machines and 10-ton cranes to accommodate the immense needs of the mining and construction industry. 

Dependable Mining and Construction Manufacturing 

Mining and construction equipment is subjected to extreme conditions and must be durable to withstand heavy loads, harsh weather, continuous use, and corrosive environments. As an ASME-certified manufacturer, KALCO’s highly skilled professionals understand these conditions and the importance of safety standards within the industry. Strict quality measures oversee every aspect of production to ensure each part and component meets specifications and requirements. 

Advanced CNC Capabilities

KALCO Machine & Manufacturing operates an extensive array of CNC machines with a maximum size capacity of up to 160”x100”x84”. This state-of-the-art technology allows the staff at KALCO to develop efficient and precision machining solutions that optimize material use while reducing cycle times. 

Full-Service Fabrication Shop

Fabrication of large components requires specialized tools and facilities to safely move, hold, and assemble. KALCO has the tools, capacity, and experience to fabricate high-quality parts and vessels as large as 72”x240”.

Comprehensive Manufacturing Solutions

Improving customer satisfaction by providing them a full-service manufacturing experience is a driving force at KALCO Machine & Manufacturing. As a turnkey manufacturer, KALCO’s mining and construction services include:

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