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Custom Solutions for Innovative Industries

As an AS9100D &  ISO 9001:2015-certified manufacturer, KALCO Machine & Manufacturing takes pride in the role it plays in the production of high-quality, durable parts and components for various applications across many industries. KALCO’s experienced team works closely with each client to fully understand their needs and requirements to develop customized solutions that meet strict quality standards at competitive prices. 

KALCO Machine & Manufacturing: Excellence Across Industries

Using the latest advances in CNC machining and fabrication, KALCO provides comprehensive services for precision results that continually surpass client expectations in quality, speed, and costs. From aerospace to mining and construction, KALCO Machine & Manufacturing ensures excellence across industries.

mining equipment

Mining and Construction

With the capabilities of machining and fabricating oversized parts with precision results, KALCO has the tools and skills to produce high-quality, long-lasting components built to withstand the brutal applications and harsh environments of the mining and construction industries. At KALCO, quality is a priority, durability is a given, and satisfaction is assured. 

Bottle Manufacturing 

For over 25 years, KALCO has worked to develop dedicated processes for one of the industry’s more finicky and popular materials: graphite. Highly experienced machinists use cutting-edge technology and the latest techniques to improve production times while reducing material waste and overall client costs.

manufacturing automated bottling line
oil rigs at sunset

Oil and Gas

KALCO’s advanced CNC machining capabilities, full fabrication shop, and expert finishing services have earned it a solid reputation in the oil and gas industry as one of the trusted suppliers of reliable parts and components. Strict adherence to quality standards is documented every step of the way to ensure each part is manufactured to the client’s exact specifications and industry requirements.


Critical applications, such as those found in the Aerospace industry, require absolute precision and unquestionable quality. AS9001D certification ensures compliance with the industry’s strict quality standards. Using the latest innovations in robotics and automation and cutting-edge CNC technology, KALCO Machine & Manufacturing ensures precision and cost-effective solutions of the highest quality on time and budget.

airplane wing
robotic arms


From custom parts to 20-foot structural components, KALCO’s expansive facility and talented workforce continually provide superior quality parts and components for all manner of industrial applications. Clients throughout the industrial sector know they can trust KALCO Machine & Manufacturing to meet quality standards while continually surpassing expectations.

Exceeding Industry Standards for Quality

Regardless of which industry a particular part or component is destined for, KALCO’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction ensures high quality across all industry applications. The multi-step assurance process and certified quality management system leave no room for anything less than perfect.

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