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Wichita Falls, TX

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Assembly Services

KALCO Machine & Manufacturing offers comprehensive assembly services to help streamline the manufacturing process and reduce costs for their clients. KALCO’s meticulous attention to detail and expansive capabilities allow for intricate components and complex assemblies. Each step of the process, from design to finished product, undergoes strict quality control measures to ensure absolute quality and customer satisfaction. 

KALCO’s Assembly and Welding Services

When it comes to expert assembly, KALCO provides several options, each tailored to the client’s unique needs. Whether their clients need complex mechanical components, airtight vessels, or strong seals, KALCO has the tools and capabilities to meet strict industry requirements. As an ISO9001:2015/ ASME-certified manufacturer, KALCO takes pride in the quality of its parts and services and strives to exceed expectations every time.

3D Printing

If there’s an advanced tool or new technology that will help KALCO create a high-quality end result with a shorter lead time, then they want to use it. That’s where the 3D printer comes in. With 3D printing, KALCO can quickly assemble numerous complicated components so that they will work together smoothly and safely. 

Partial, Full, or Sub-Assembly Options

Customer satisfaction is paramount to KALCO Machine & Manufacturing, and providing their customers with assembly options that best meet their needs is one way KALCO stands out from the competition. From complete end-use assembly to partial fabrication services, KALCO’s team of experienced technicians is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality end product on time and within budget. 

Pipe Assembly  

KALCO offers a wide variety of pipe assembly and full skid assembly services for small to large projects with varying degrees of complexity, depending on their customers needs.  

ASME Certified Welding

KALCO’s certified welding services, carried out by experienced professionals, include MIG, TIG, and Sub-Arc welding, allowing them to work with a variety of metals and thicknesses. Attention to detail and a passion for excellence ensure smooth durable joints, seams, and spot welds.

KALCO Machine & Manufacturing: A Full-Service Provider

KALCO has dedicated itself to becoming a complete end-to-end provider for over 25 years. Today, KALCO proudly offers comprehensive manufacturing services, including:

KALCO proudly maintains some of the industry’s leading technologies, and its assembly and welding services provide cost-efficient production options across all industries without compromising on quality.

For more information or to get started today, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at KALCO Machine & Manufacturing.