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KALCO’s Metal Finishing Services

KALCO Machine & Manufacturing takes exceptional pride in its high-quality finishing services. KALCO’s expansive facility, equipped with sandblasting and painting, can handle the job from small to large.


KALCO’s dedication to innovation extends to its sandblasting services, which use the latest technology to rapidly prepare the metal’s surface with abrasive media for the best profile. This process is a versatile form of metal finishing and can be as gentle or powerful as needed to prepare the products for further assembly or additional finishing services. 


The painting services at KALCO are tailored to each client’s specific needs, including safety markers, brand image, and the type of protection desired. KALCO’s air-assisted capabilities provide smooth, beautiful finishes that seal the metals from outside contaminants and improves the lifespan of each part.


Using the latest laser engraving technology, KALCO can ensure better traceability and branding of each part when required by industry standards or customer specifications. Engraving services are also used to improve surface texture and visual appearance.

Expect the Best Metal Finishing Services From KALCO

A lot of time and money goes into the manufacturing process. KALCO’s metal finishing services protect that investment by removing surface contaminants, creating a barrier against environmental conditions, and adhering to the client’s branded image.

Improves Longevity

Whether blasted, painted or, both, metal finishing can drastically improve the life and performance of parts, components, and final products. 

Protects Against Harsh Environments

Custom fabricated parts are often placed under extreme conditions and exposed to harsh environments, particularly within the industrial and aerospace industries. Metal finishing adds a layer of protection between the part and those detrimental situations.   

Prevents Corrosion 

Throughout the manufacturing process, metal parts are exposed to a number of potentially corrosive substances, such as salts and moisture. Removing these contaminants through blasting and sealing the metals against further exposure helps prevent unsightly and damaging corrosion.

Enhances Safety and Visual Appeal 

Metal painting services not only help protect the parts, but they also create visually stunning finishes that catch the eye and alert individuals of potential safety hazards. Metal finishing also ensures each part meets client specifications and branded image.

Proven Results

KALCO Machine & Manufacturing has dedicated itself to improving customer satisfaction and exceeding expectations from the very beginning. Today, KALCO ensures absolute quality through its strict ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certifications. Each project undergoes rigorous inspections at every step of the manufacturing process, and clients receive detailed inspection and paint reports verifying that all steps meet or exceed their expectations. 

For more information about metal finishing services, please contact KALCO Machine & Manufacturing today!